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SMART Telecommunication Monopole

SMART Telecommunication Monopole

  • The SMART Telecommunication Monopole is an advanced structure designed for efficient deployment of telecommunications equipment. This monopole features a single, slender tower design that supports various antennas and microwave dish for telecommunications networks.

  • Its compact footprint and robust construction ensure durability and optimal signal transmission. Equipped with smart technology, it offers versatile functionality, making it an ideal choice for expanding and enhancing communication networks in various environments.

Option & Accessories

  • Height from 18M - 24M

  • Flange Joint or Telescopic Overlapping Joint

  • Multiple levels of Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting

  • Caged and secure climbing ladder

  • Vertical Life Line with safety harness

  • Custom Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting brackets

  • Base cabinet with built-in cooler system



SMART Telecommunication


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