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Decorative Street Pole

MESTRON Decorative Street Pole is divided into three series - URBAN, CONTEMPORARY, and MAJESTIC Series.

URBAN Series

  • URBAN Series is inspired by a modern futuristic theme with a simple yet broad shape design minimizing the use of aluminum motives.

Download URBAN Series Decorative Street Pole


  • CONTEMPORARY  Series combines urbanization and traditionally inspired design. It uses a combination of custom motives to blend into the modern design providing a concept of a modern traditional theme.

Download CONTEMPORARY Series Decorative Street Pole


  • MAJESTIC Series conceptualizes its elegant design with a heavy custom motive to provide a majestic, elegant, and luxurious theme.

Download MAJESTIC Series Decorative Street Pole


Option & Accessories

  • Height from 6M to 12M

  • Customize the design to suit the theme

  • Custom color finishing

  • Flag holder

  • Rectractable banner holder

  • Fiberglass service door

  • Anchor bolt base cover


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