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Camouflage Monopole

Camouflage Telecommunication Monopole

  • The Camouflage Telecommunication Monopole is an innovative solution designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings while providing robust support for telecommunications equipment. Its exterior is carefully crafted to resemble natural elements such as trees or flagpoles, effectively concealing its purpose.

  • Despite its disguised appearance, this monopole offers reliable signal transmission and can accommodate various antennas and equipment, making it an ideal choice for discreetly expanding communication networks in sensitive or aesthetically sensitive areas.

Option & Accessories

  • Height from 5M - 45M

  • Flange Joint or Telescopic Overlapping Joint

  • Multiple levels of Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting

  • Maintenance platform

  • Caged and secure climbing ladder

  • Vertical Life Line with safety harness

  • Custom Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting brackets

  • Artificial branches & and leaves to disguise as tree 





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