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High Mast

High Mast

  • High Mast is capable of lighting up large areas efficiently at great heights.

  • It is designed in such a way that the Maintenance Carriage Ring can be lowered to the ground level for ease of maintenance. Our custom locking mechanism that utilizes gravitational force instead of springs and levers ensures flawless operation over time.

  • At the heart of High Mast, Mestron employs "Germany Made" winch driving motors as a testament to Mestron Quality System.

Option & Accessories

  • 15M to 45M height

  • Lifting capacity 500 kgs to 1000 kgs

  • 12 core 2.5mm Electrical System

  • Head-frame to suit all types of fitting

  • Brackets for additional attachment


Lighting & Pole

Standard Lighting Pole


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