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Street Lighting Pole inspired by tree lined ovenue. Idea for wide range of road lighting from Residential, Recreational, Commercial, Industrial to Expressway. Simple yet durable design most extensively used nationwide.

Option & Accessories

• 4M to 12M height

• Spigot arm Dia. 48/60mm

• Fiberglass Service Door

• Anti-stick Paint

• Twin Flag Holder

• Retractable Banner Holder

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Flood Lighting Pole is known for its versatility in providing luminaire on a huge area with minimal effort.

It is typically used for an open area such as carpark, playground field, warehouse and many others. Various options of headframe design is available to suit floodlight of all size and quantity.

Option & Accessories

• 4M to 20M height

• Customize pole size for various application

• Headframe to suit all types of fitting

• Brackets for additional attachment

• Fiberglass service door

• Anti-stick paint

• UV resistant polyester powder coating for aesthetic finishing


Mid-Hinged Pole also known as Collapsible or See-Saw Pole, are designed for ease of maintenance, especially under restricted conditions.

The hinged mechanism enables the top half of the pole to swing down for maintenance at the ground level without needing the servicing personnel to climb up.

Option & Accessories

• 4M to 20M height

• Apron customized for weight balancing

• Customize pole size for various application

• Head-frame to suit all types of fitting

• Brackets for additional attachment

• Fiberglass service door

• Anti-stick paint

• UV resistant polyester powder coating for aesthetic finishing

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Traffic Light 02.png


Traffic Light Pole covers typical planted and flanged mounted type Traffic Light as well as Over-Head Traffic Light with varying arm length.

It can also be fully customized into Joint Use Mast Arm (JUMA) that combines Traffic Light and Street Light Pole together.

Option & Accessories

• Standard Traffic Pole 12 Feet

• Over-Head Traffic Pole 6.5M height 5.5M Extension Arm

• Bracket for Countdown Timer

• Planted or Flanged Mounted type

• Fiberglass service door

HighMast FINAL.png


High Mast is capable of lighting up large areas efficiently at great heights.

It is designed in such a way that the Maintenance Carriage Ring can lower to the ground level for ease of maintenance. Our custom locking mechanism designed that utilizes gravitational force instead of springs and levers ensures flawless operation over time.

At the heart of High Mast, Mestron employs "Germany Made" winch driving motors as a testament to Mestron Quality System.

Option & Accessories

• 15M to 45M height

• Lifting capacity 500 kgs to 1000 kgs

• 12 core 2.5mm Electrical System

• Head-frame to suit all types of fitting

• Brackets for additional attachment

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Stadium Mast FINAL.png


Stadium Mast specializes in high concentration lighting to light up large areas efficiently in specific directions typically for the sports arena.

Maintenance Hoisting Lift provides lifting from the ground to platform level for periodic maintenance.

Option & Accessories

•15M to 45M height

• Lifting capacity 200 kgs (2 workers and equipment)

• Option for climbing ladder

• Head-frame to suit all types of fitting

• Brackets for additional attachment


Telecommunication Monopole is customized to suit telecommunication equipment. It has a smaller footprint making it ideal for high-density areas with space constrain.

The Telecommunication Monopole commonly consists of the main pole shaft with an optional working platform at the top to cater for the installation and maintenance of panel and dish antenna.

Option & Accessories

• Height from 5M - 45M

• Flange Joint or Telescopic Overlapping Joint

• Multiple levels of Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting

• Maintenance platform

• Caged and secure climbing ladder

• Vertical Life Line with safety harness

• Custom Antenna and Microwave Dish mounting brackets

5G Tower FINAL.png
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Ex-Proof Pole FINAL.png


Due to its remote location especially on offshore platforms, Oil & Gas and Mining industry require high-level customization for its lighting support structure.

All poles are carefully designed to meet the stringent requirement of the industry.

Option & Accessories

• Height 1M to 30M

• Customized pole design

• Materials of various standard and grade

• Finishing in HDG, sandblast, and powder coating


Pole specially designed for CCTV surveillance and security monitoring application.

Special consideration is given to minimizing deflection and vibration. Several options is available such as standard fixed type, climbing rung & mid-hinged collapsible.

Option & Accessories

• Height up to 20M

• Customize bracket to suit camera

• Polyester powder coating Finished

• Fiberglas service door

• Anti-climb device

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Solar Pole FINAL.png


Solar Lighting Pole is designed to cater for additional loading of Photovoltaik (PV) Panel on the top.

The power generated by PV then is used for lighting, communication, transmission, charging, and other purpose. Thus, it provides a self-sufficient solution for remote areas.

Option & Accessories

• Height from 4M to 12M

• Frame support for Solar Panel

• Bracket for Junction/Battery Box

• Detachable climbing rung

• Polyester powder coating


Compound Lighting Pole or Post-Top Column is suitable for varieties of secondary lighting like a pedestrian walkway, car park, recreational compound, and many others.

The pole suits all types of fitting ranging from globe light to customization decorative lantern option for polyester powder coating for improved aesthetic appearance.

Option & Accessories

• Height from 3M to 6M

• Customize pole/post top design

• Planted or flange mounted type

• Flag holder

• Rectractable banner arm

• Fiberglass service door

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L06Y-60 b.png
Venizea AG6 2.png
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MES BL-1011.png
MES BL-1001.png


Bollard lights are a type of lighting fixture that is commonly used to illuminate pathways and landscapes for gardens or pedestrians sidewalks and also used for safety purposes.

The unique design of the light fitting makes it ideal for decorating and gives a more aesthetic look to your garden as it's not only for decoration but also enhances the surrounding lighting.

Option & Accessories

MES BL-1010.png
MES BL-1016.png
MES BL-1020.png

• Height from 0.15M to 1.0M

• Various design available

• Flange mounted type

• Polyester powder coating


The use of Column Lighting Pole is quite similar to Compound Lighting but the design is more versatile and modern. The Column Light Pole is commonly used to illuminate the pathway, car park, pedestrian walkway, gardens, and many more.

The light source of the Column Lighting Pole is usually fixed to the body of the pole itself, unlike the Compound Lighting that requires pole and Post-Top.

Option & Accessories

• Height from 3.5M to 6M

• Various designs for selection

• Polyester powder coating finished

• Fiberglas service door

MES-CM-007 E.png
MES-CM-006 E.png
MES-CM-001 E.png
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MESTRON Decorative Pole is divided into three series - URBAN, CONTEMPORARY, and MAJESTIC Series.

URBAN Series inspired by modern futuristic theme with simple yet broad shape design minimizing the use of aluminum motives.

CONTEMPORARY  Series combines urbanization and traditionally inspired design. It use combination of custom motive to blend into modern design providing a concept of modern traditional theme.

MAJESTIC Series conceptualize its elegance design with heavy custom motive to provide a majestic, elegant, and luxurious theme.

Option & Accessories

• Height from 6M to 12M

• Customize the design to suit the theme

• Custom color finishing

• Flag holder

• Rectractable banner holder

• Fiberglass service door

• Anchor bolt base cover

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