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Flood Lighting Pole

Flood Lighting Pole is known for its versatility in providing luminaire on a huge area with minimal effort. It is typically used for an open area such as a car park, playground field, warehouse, and many others. Various options of headframe design are available to suit floodlights of all sizes and quantities.

Flood Lighting Pole - Climbing Rung

Climbing Rung Pole is equipped with a detachable climbing rung for ease of maintenance without the use of lifting equipment. Similar to Standard Flood Lighting pole, it has a wide range of lighting applications.

Option & Accessories

• 4M to 20M height

• Customize pole size for various application

• Headframe to suit all types of fitting

• Brackets for additional attachment

• Fiberglass service door

• Anti-stick paint

• UV resistant polyester powder coating for aesthetic finishing

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Climbing Rung 02.png
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